Yalixxa's Nightmare (feat. Annick and Ulli)

Yalixxa's Nightmare

Left to right: J.O. Simon (Bass), Annick Moerman (Vocals), Ulli Stein (Drums) June 17th 2006. Gig at Annick's birthday party

The actual recording of "Yalixxa's Nightmare" is an improvisation, that Annick and Ulli played live. I added overdubs: Fender Ashbory Bass, Fender Strat, Korg Karma and Korg Wavestation.

MOM Latin Charts: # 1 (July 16th 2006)



"Partly reminds me of Trey Gunn Indierra featuring Serpentine
- therefore I really like it - very cleverly orchestrated." (Mizieya)

"Live and Lively
Nice improvisational feel with some great moments. The vocals are
intensely rhythmic and melodically bold. Love it!" (Ed Drury)

I write this before I hit the hay, I hope for pleasent dreams ; ))
I must say, this is very interesting, vocals kind of remind me
of some of the guitar leads I would do. I can feel the Latin/Jazz
combination presented - very well performed J.O.! You are a master!"
(RedEyeC, Mixposure ReviewCrew)

"7+ minutes heavenly nightmare
Stunning jazz experiment, an absolutely crazy choice of instrument,
and Annick's acrobatic power... captivated me from the start.
And a very groovy work too - fantastic live drums, and I'm in love
with the hypnotic repeat-bassline.
Almost a psychedelic experience for me... Frau Moerman's voice is
like an instrument - a human theremin -, and the unexpected Korg pad
gave me goose bumps.
Fantastic!" (Syngularity)

Mind blowing
Great percussion work!
The singing is quite amazing! I don't know anyone can sing like
that????!!!! Nice work with the embelshments.... I like the guitar
work back in the mix!" (Wrightdude, Indiehangout)

  © 2006 Ulrich Simon