Ur Ma (feat. GinNger SparklezZz)

Ur Ma

GinNger SparklezZz

Listen to the song here

Remix of an old GinNger SparklezZz song. Added some synth, guitar and drums. Sounds totally different now...



Ha... fun little ditty!


This is 180 degrees about from Study 55 ; ))) Very good job with the sync timing on the synths - like the flange effects (guitar term). Is that GiNnger rapping? Cool girl! Very well produced - great collab you 2!!


The first thing I have in mind is... COOL.

This little song has a great space funk feel with a tricky rhythm, quite excited sounding GinNger in the back, whose mumbling voice is very hard to understand... er, almost :)

Ur Ma should be played in the loop... has an effect.

Funny tune of two brilliantly talented music friends who always surprise us with their versatile output on the climax of creativity, bizarre moments included. Indeed very arty!



Powerful track with an interesting style. Especially I like the percussion and drums - a wonderful game with these instruments. Outstanding music for my ears but I like it.


Interesting track the vocals almost seemed kinda low pretty cool drums and the vocal style synth is nice. the bassline rocks. pretty cool track. Nice collab. cool synths.
Nice one


THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like this. This is Funky. Love the bass line and the whole feel and vibe to this. The drums are cool. And the synth sounds work really well in this. Sounds like a voice. The vocals are hillarious. Funny Sh*t from the crazy Miss SparklezZz. Reminds me of Eminem a bit. Could definately put a rap on this. J.O did a great job on the remix. Mix and production is ok. Just a fun track. Good work you two.

GinNger SparklezZz:

HaHaHaHaHa! Well...here's the story behind this monster. This song I created in My High School days. Just as a joke for my friends and I to cackle at HaHa! I remember my friend Mel about keeled over when she first heard this track, because her and I used to say "Ur Ma" to everyone as an answer. Her favorite line was "Your Momma' so fat...she has ta' ware pillowcases fo socks mf"! At the time...allot were anoyed by this, but when you are a teenager; the stupidest things can be deathly halarious! Plus the fact the track was so basic in it's original form...with a simple Breakbeat loop and your classic 'Dance Kick'! And all to top it off...some off beat/layed back vocals thrown over the top HaHa! Which made it even more silly. I was laughing so much when you told me about the remix on this...which you were doing. I had almost forgot entriely of "Ur Ma"! You gave this Retro 'GinNger' tune...a whole new Retro sound! CrazZzy!!! HaHaHa! I love it...Thanks!

  © 2006 Ulrich Simon