Study 52

Study 52

Shot by Sophie Siebold - my nice little grandniece - in an Italian restaurant (Summer 2006)

Listen here!

A march with "polyharmonies". This is not for beginners! When I listened to Paul Hindemith's "Suite für Klavier op. 26" I got the idea of writing a stupid march with brass, that has a bit abnormal chords. The lead voice was produced by a Reason/Tractor sound called singing synth. The little variations are accompanied by a distorted Les Paul in C-minor, that was not interested in what the rest of the arrangement played, which more and more gets away from C-minor. Roland XV-5050 plays most of the sounds. And Reason 3.0 does the rest. I don't know which genre this is? In german it is "Neue Musik". (JOS)




"J.O. You must have more respect for your writing. You should call this Anacrusis... Anacrusis meaning the upbeat. I love this J.O. This is great creativity. This whole piece is upbeat mania! Your harmonies are very intelligent and colorful... wonderful work J.O. ..." (Mike Milillo)

Thank you very much Mike, I subtitled the study after reading your review (J.O.)

This is out of this world.

"... This track gave me a feeling of the Chinese music from the 80 like those played in the night club and where people start dancing on the floor. But on the other hand, the electronics sound bring me out of it. Rather a mix of both sensation and found it very very interesting." (Piperon, Japan)

"Really enjoyed this J.O. filled up what I have for a head with visions of Fair Grounds. People doing crazy waltzes in strange places.
Superb track for Monty Python. Oh and that lead voice is great. I'm jealous of that and I want one LOL
Full marks doing something different and doing it so well.
Gerry" (Mixposure Review)

"Very original use of the synth, sounding quite literally Bavarian in snatchs and like a characture in long segments. Brilliant synth voices combining realism with surealism. Definitely ambitious, provocative and original. Great production, the sound quality through out is top production level music. This is a soundtrack waiting for the write script!" (Ed Drury)

© 2006 U. Simon