Only Good Stuff

Only Good Stuff

Tom Knauer (guitar)

This Blues features Tom Knauer on strat and JŲrn BŲsel on bass. In September 2004 the song was # 1 in the LiveRadioStation Charts. We never received any written review for it, as far as we know. It's Track 12 on the CD "Little Lies For Everyone".


Only Good Stuff

This is no tango
And itís no cabaret
Itís only good stuff -
Go on, but please donít overplay

No, no fandango
And sure no dull bourrťe
Itís only good stuff -
Old men are made of today

Letís raise an elbow
And smell the fine bouquet
Itís magic good stuff -
It stops old menís decay

This is no mambo
And itís no roundelay
Itís a piece of cake -
Tomorrow Ďs just another day

(Lyrics: J.O. Simon/Alain FranÁois, Musik: Simon)

© 2003 U. Simon