No Sports

No Sports!

I donít wanna dance,
No I donít wanna dance
To me it makes no sense
I donít wanna run,
No I donít wanna run
Because it is no fun

No sports! I love my body
No sports! I love my body
Look at my knees! They are not bloody
Look at my shirt! You see, no dirt.

Oh no, I donít like riding
I hate paragliding
I donít wanna tumble down
And lie dead on the ground

I donít like the races,
No, I donít like the races
Iíd rather stay in other places
Donít like no horses and no cars
Iíd rather hang around in bars

My God it stinks of sweat
I stay in bed instead.
Sportsmen kick all kinds of balls
On fields, in water and in halls
Athletesí feet are always aching
And you can hear their bones breaking

(Text & Musik: J.O. Simon)


Colin Lynch about No Sports!:

One of the best songs I have ever heard in my life! Conceived, composed, and considered by a consummate artist for all the world to share! It's a brilliantly humourous look at self preservation that we all need.

© 2002 U. Simon