Lost (feat. Maxine Young)


Maxine Young

Poetry and spoken words by Maxine, ambient music by J.O.



An "Old Style" writing of Poetry here; with a slightly Modern twist. Beautifuly performed... as always; with such passion and depth. I love the word play... as well as your choice of words. It is pleasing for me to listen to!! Your vocals are crisp and clear. I have always enjoyed your work!! You are one of the originals that I have found within the Online Music Communities! You have your own style... and you have control of it, fully!


WonderFUL sound scape... a suiting backdrop for Maxine's unique Poetry!! I LOVE the BIG synth sound, and the mystical tinkeling FX!!! I have gotten lost in this wherling spacey ambience!! I believe this the perfect element; which enhances the drama in these strong impactful words of Maxine!! The sparse picking of the Guitar is a nice touch, aswell!

(GinNger SparklezZz, Mixposure, 17.2.2006)



I swaggered past a lonely tree
I lost my way, serenity
Days and Dazed
and Nights and Knights
So gentle with my sparklebright

Could this crash and burn, like old folklore?
A bird of yore, just like before
Or blossom like the sweetest rose
the sweetest flower, and I suppose

Like the old man living in the tree
spoke such wisdom, said to me
"This could last fifteen years, fifteen minutes
fifteen seconds"

I was lost , so now I'm found
and stumble onto firmer ground
oh, stable bolted, horse and door
Reminds me of the times before
Presumtiousness cost so much more
and shyness maybe mine for sure

Oh hug the grass, and hug the trees
the warmest sun, the coolest breeze
Just lose me now in all of these
the solo star I follow, please...
Lead me out of forest trees

We crash and burn then we return
Could blossom like the sweetest rose
or wilt and fade, where comets glow
it is the only way we know

Thought of that wise man in the tree,
prophetic words he spoke to me
"This could last fifteen years, fifteen minutes,
fifteen seconds"
or this could last eternally.

(Lyrics by Maxine Young)

  © 2006 Ulrich Simon