Little Lies For Everyone

Little Lies For Everyone

Little boxes to live in
Little boxes to dream in
Little boxes for everyone
Everybody’s work is done

Little tricks to catch her
Little tricks to hold him
Little tricks of everyone
Knack of tying down someone

Little lies to live with
Little lies to love with
Little lies for everyone
To build nests for sex and fun

Little digs to feel well
Little digs in private hell
Little digs for everyone
Highlights of the daily fun

Little blows to give her
Little blows made all up
Little blows for everyone
Hearts like battles must be won

Running battles must be won

Little kiss to reconcile
Little kiss to try to smile
Little kiss for everyone
Lucky people’s work is done

(Text: Alain François, Musik: J.O. Simon)


Childe Roland about Little Lies For Everyone:

Has a latin beat in the back, but the rock and jazz influences are to the fore. I bet this guy's studio has a big leather chair in it for a super comfortable mix.

© 2002 Dr. U. Simon