Get A Move On

Get A Move On

I made all my money on a hidden plantation
In a far, far away land
I'm a stranger in this town and I'm not homeward bound
See me cruising in the streets in my big Mercedes Benz
It's a special offer - I got time on my hands:
Don't you wanna sit on the back seat of this car
And show me the way to the next whisky-bar?

And don't you wanna spend the night with me
Get a move on let's be free

Don't say no - 'cause times have changed
You shouldn't destroy what I've arranged
I long for you, my love is true (aha?)
Tell me please, what can I do?
I'll spend all my money, my life is a jazz
So come on now, don't think it's a gas
Don't you love diamonds and don't you love pearls?
Sure you do - just like all of them girls!

(Words & music: J.O. Simon)


Besonic Feature 13.04.2004:

alpha68 über Get A Move On:

Super Arrangement. Klasse interpretiert. Hier stimmen Gesang und Ausdruck. Rockige Gitarren Soli, schöne zweistimmige Passagen. Alles in Allen, Empfehlenswert!

© 2002 Dr. U. Simon